Meet Adriana…from Mexico to the Florence Branch!

Being bilingual has many advantages, and for Adriana Silva, it paved the path for her future. Adriana was born and raised in Mexico living there until she was thirty. With her Mom being from America (Texas) and her Dad being from Mexico, Adriana was brought up speaking both languages and loving both cultures. She has always celebrated, with respect, Independence Day for both countries on July 4 and September 16. Adriana’s Mom was committed to teaching her daughters about America and making them feel a part of the country. She had many American friends in Mexico that Adriana interacted with and planned at least one trip a year to visit with Adriana’s grandparents in Texas.

Adriana with her husband and daughter at Niagara Falls.

Adriana is the middle child of two sisters that together created a close childhood bond. Because of the year round nice weather, the sisters spent most of their childhood outdoors hiking, swimming, biking and just getting dirty. Scouts played an active role in Adriana’s childhood and the members became additional siblings in an extended family for Adriana to grow up with. It was a mix of both boys and girls that participated in many outdoor adventures that required roughing it. Living near the mountains, the Scouts would regularly hike and climb with backpacks looking for a perfect spot to camp. No family campsites and no indoor activities for this group!

After Adriana graduated from high school, she was highly sought after to teach the English language. Coming from two parents that were teachers and deciding she wanted more, Adriana continued to teach English while earning a Bachelors in Pedagogy. In 2000, Adriana married in Mexico. Shortly after, Adriana’s parents and sisters moved to the United States for job opportunities. In 2006, after her daughter turned one, Adriana followed her family to the United States with her husband and daughter. Eventually all but one sister landed in Northern Kentucky.

When Adriana saw that the Florence Branch of Boone County Public Library was looking for a bilingual person, she knew it was the perfect fit with her experience and degree. She has been with BCPL now for twelve years as a Youth Services Associate determining what the community needs and planning age appropriate programs to meet the need. Adriana’s favorite part of working at BCPL is the opportunity to work with the Hispanic community. She runs the Spanish Storytimes, family programs and Hispanic outreach. One-on-one meetings with Spanish speaking adults allows her to help with resumes, immigration forms, school paperwork, printing documents, translations, etc. Every day is different as Adriana offers a sense of comfort to those trying to settle into a new area.

In her spare time, Adriana enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. She truly enjoys just being a Mom and is very close to her daughter. They take long walks, visit various parks, watch movies and enjoy being outdoors. They recently took an amazing road trip to Niagara Falls and then headed to Boston where they met up with Adriana’s family to celebrate her parents’ 50th Anniversary. Although they enjoyed all the historical sites, their favorite was the National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth. It was a trip they will never forget!

Adriana with her family celebrating her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

For Adriana, being bilingual gave her an upper hand in the job market when graduating high school, an academic advantage through college, a better understanding of a different culture and ease of moving to another country. The Florence Branch has a great resource for Spanish speaking people looking to understand English, and Adriana is there to help!

Geek Your Health – Fitness Classes Based on Pop Culture Themes

Geek Your Health – Fitness Classes Based on Pop Culture Themes
Written by Guest Blogger Carolyn Noe

After the 2018 America’s Health Rankings Report was released and we saw that Kentucky ranks 50th in the nation for adult physical activity, Northern Kentucky University’s Institute for Health Innovation (IHI) wanted to find a way to make exercise fun for residents of Northern Kentucky. The idea for Geek Your Health came about as a way to connect the community’s enthusiasm for geek culture with new exercise programs like the upcoming Shape Up Like Spiderman event at Boone County Public Library on Saturday, February 1.

Geek culture is everywhere – from the ever popular Marvel movies to sold-out comic conventions. Geek Your Health is full of themed fitness events built around popular television shows, comics, films, and video games. Attendees are encouraged to “let their geek flag fly” and wear fandom-themed workout gear and talk about the fandom before, during, and after the events. To quote founder of Geek Girl Strong, Robyn Warren, M.S.Ed, “This allows folks to bond over shared interests before exercising in front of one another. Because many of the attendees are new to exercising and/or group fitness, breaking the ice in this way can really help them feel comfortable.”

Northern Kentucky University and Boone County Public Library have partnered to bring you three Geek Your Health Programs. These programs will be held once a month at the Main Library, 1786 Burlington Pike, in Burlington KY.

The series kicked off with Shape Up Like Spiderman in early February and continues with a high intensity workout in March and yoga in April:

Next up, Train Like the Avengers on Saturday, March 7, 10:30 a.m.
Want to be as strong as The Hulk? Fly around like Iron Man? Run as fast as Captain America? Or fight like Black Widow? Now you can learn the basic skills of strength training combined with the style and finesse of high intensity (HIIT) combat. Ages 16 to adult. Please register:

The series of three concludes with Star Wars Yoga on Saturday, April 4, 10:30 a.m.
Jedi-yogis join the Rebel Alliance for self-empowerment, peace, and unity through a 60 minute yoga and mindfulness practice. Learn how you can use the Force to guide your body and breath. Never practiced yoga? Remember what Yoda said, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Ages 14 and up. Please register:

Geek Your Health is a partnership between Northern Kentucky University and  Boone County Public Library.

-Guest Blogger Carolyn Noe is the Program Director of Institute for Health Innovation at Northern Kentucky University