6 reasons we love spring!

Spring is one of the best times of the year, primarily because it comes after winter. It’s the hope we have of better weather after trekking through snow and chiseling our cars out of the ice. Most people can’t really say anything too bad about spring; the weather becomes milder and we finally start seeing another color other than “dead plant brown.” We asked library staff what they liked most about spring.

  1. The promise of new life is one of the most beloved aspects of spring. Lynette Cookston, Reference Librarian, loves the blossoming trees and the bright green of leaves on new plants.
  2. Kathleen Piercefield, Circulation Assistant, enjoys waking up with the windows open and the birds singing outside. She also likes “seeing the haze of subtle colors as the buds start swelling on the trees,” and of course, the blooming lilacs!
  3. Improved weather is certainly something we all look forward to after the drab, cold months of January and February. Karen Hemle, Page Supervisor and Public Services Associate enjoys the refreshing smell of spring and being able to  take her shoes off in the grass.
  4. Teen Librarian Deanna Pina loves that the sun will be out after all the gray weather we’ve had. She hopes for sunshine at least!
  5. Spring activities and traditions are another fun part of this time of year. Susan Sitz, Youth Services Associate, enjoys everything about gardening. She likes planning it while it is still the cold in the winter, then something to work on as the weather becomes warmer. It also feeds her family-and sometimes her coworkers too!
  6. Kelsey Shackelford, Community Events Liaison, was introduced several years ago to the Bulgarian tradition of martenitsa, a red and white bracelet that is traditionally worn during March. At the the first sign of spring, the bracelet is hung on a tree branch. Signs of Spring include seeing a stork, swallow, or tree blossom. The bracelet is tied into the legend of Baba Marta, a grumpy old woman whose mood swings are connected to the wild weather changes during the month of March.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and (hopefully) better weather. It may be a bit problematic with rainy days and the ushering in of seasonal allergies for many people, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons. The reprieve from winter weather and flowers blooming are worth a few puddles and runny noses!

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