The Show Must Go On!

EEEEEKKKK!!!!  Have you heard Miss Ginger scream?  Well you will soon in one of the upcoming Virtual Storytimes!  New Virtual Storytimes are posted every Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 a.m. on our BCPL YouTube channel to enjoy any time, any place.  And you can even catch-up on past Virtual Storytimes!  With the goal of supporting early learning and early literacy, (building the foundations upon which later learning and reading will happen), Boone County Public Library has learned a few things about how to share Storytimes in the time of physical distancing.  Despite the pandemic, the show must go on so Storytime is now an on-demand experience! 

Watch our Virtual Storytime!

So, what can you expect from a Virtual Storytime? Our programmers put the same care, thought, and enthusiasm into planning a virtual storytime as they do a traditional one, selecting great books, songs, and rhymes to share, and then record it so that you can participate in all the learning and fun activities safely and at your convenience. Guided by Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library and its evidence-based content, Storytimes incorporate The Five Practices that can help young children have later success in reading and learning. 

Watch our Virtual Storytime!

How can you make the most of our Virtual Storytimes? Sometimes it’s nice to be able to simply provide an educational distraction, but if you want to maximize the value of that screen time, get ready to join in. When you actively participate in Storytime, you can sing the songs and do the motions, find new favorite books, pause the recording to ask questions and talk about what is happening, and have a shared experience with your child.

Just as with our in-person Storytimes, we encourage you to enjoy learning with your children all the time. Parents and caregivers are, after all, a child’s first and best teachers. You will find suggestions for different ways to support early literacy skills not only during but also after Storytime is finished. Here are a few ideas you can use to extend learning with our Storytimes:

  • Read together! Use BCPL’s catalog to search for or place a hold on books by your favorite authors and illustrators and check them out at the library. Don’t know what you want? You can request a Book Bundle and someone will pull an assortment of books for you.
  • Talk about the books and songs shared in Storytime. This is a great way for children to learn new vocabulary. Ask questions: What happened? Why do you think that? How does that make you feel?
  • Write or draw your own story. Writing and drawing not only develops fine motor skills, but also helps children learn that letters and words have meaning. If you don’t have paper on hand, you can always use the inside of a box, chalk on a sidewalk, or an old envelope!
  • Play with toys and act out the stories you see in Storytime, or use your imagination to make up your own story.
  • Sing your favorite songs. You can sing the songs you learn in Storytime, but feel free to sing your own favorites as well. If you are looking for even more Storytime songs and rhymes, check out our Rhyme Time videos.

This digital age really does have its benefits, and especially when used in conjunction with your guidance and attention, technology can be a fantastic tool. We hope our recordings not only entertain you, but also inspire you to continue learning with your little ones!

Note: There will not be a new video posted on Friday, August 28.  Enjoy our past videos and check back for new videos beginning Wednesday, September 2.

Miss Candace is our Youth Services Associate – Outreach at BCPL.  Her energy and passion for Virtual Storytime shines through in every book she reads.

Cosmically Entertaining Books, Movies & More

Houston, we have suggestions. Though space is still a mystery in most ways, that hasn’t stopped humans from imagining a plethora of planets, creatures and adventures to occupy it. Cosmic interpretations of space-time stories have found their way into nearly every facet of our entertainment from books to movies to music and more. Below are a few quick lists for the everyday earthling looking to escape… at least for a little while.

Stunning panoramas of unknown worlds set against the dark abyss of outer space. Beautiful wonders juxtaposed with unsettling loneliness and isolation. The following list includes the often brilliant mixture of awe and apprehension invoked by the strangeness of space:

2001: Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke (film & book)
Interstellar (film)
Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino by Arctic Monkeys (music album)

Space isn’t all devastating black holes and dramatic sunscapes. Sometimes it’s dancing aliens and galactic adventure films gone awry. Here are a few hilarious, feel-good suggestions to lighten the cosmic-load of everyday life:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (book & film)
Galaxy Quest (film)
Guardians of the Galaxy (film & soundtrack)

If we have learned anything through space-themed books and film, it’s that something will absolutely, without a doubt, go wrong when floating in the cosmic abyss. And when it does (because it will) it might be handy to know a thing or two about physics, biology, engineering, etc. Here are a few suggestions to show how space is all about the wonderful world of science:

Through the Wormhole (tv series)
The Martian by Andy Weir (book & film)
A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking (book)

With more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth, it raises the age old question; are we alone? The list below are stories that imagines the answer is “no”:

Dune by Frank Herbert (book & soon-to-be film)
Doctor Who (tv series)
Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang (book & film renamed Arrival)


Written by Emily Sexton
Public Relations Specialist