Something borrowed, something blue, couple checks out something true at the Library!

(Suzanne Yowler is a Circulation Assistant at the Florence Branch)

Eons ago (maybe it was actually 1986), I started working as a page at the library during my senior year of high school at Conner. At the time, the Florence Branch was THE Boone County Public Library. I had been working there for a few months when a new page was hired. His name was David Yowler and he was a senior at Boone County High School.

According to David, “I remember clear as day the first time I saw Suzanne. I was putting books on a cart to be shelved. She walked by, gave me a fleeting glance, clocked in and went straight out to the front desk. I remember thinking how cute she was.”

As David and I got to know one another, we would be on break at the same time and just talk forever. I am sure those breaks went way over their time limit. I think Pat Yanarella gave us the evil eye at least once. David said she would walk in and say “Oh, you two are still in here.”

David and I became friends, then I left to go to college that August. He stayed at the library and eventually changed jobs and started driving the bookmobile. We kept in touch and started dating for the first time my sophomore year of college. Then he went off to join the Marines to earn money for school.

Even though we stopped dating, we remained friends. This was before cell phones, texting and Facebook. We actually exchanged handwritten letters. We dated off and on until after he got out of the Marines after four and a half years. His stint was extended when he was sent to the Gulf War.

When he finally came home in 1991, we started dating steadily again. After a few months, I decided I wanted to marry him. I told him this one night when we were talking on the phone. He told me I should probably come over. He was living with his parents at the time. Shortly after I arrived, he proposed. We were married on June 27, 1992, at what was at the time Florence Baptist Church. It is now the Church of Scientology Foundation on Main Street in Florence. Our son, Austin, came along in 1996, and Kendall was born in 2002. We will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary in June.


Suzanne Yowler is a Circulation Assistant at the Florence Branch



Boone County is home!

I work out of a little corner of Heaven on the first floor at the Scheben Branch.
My favorite thing about BCPL is the people, both the customers and my
colleagues. Every minute is as different as each person I encounter. There is
never a dull moment! Although I have had many roles at BCPL over the last
17 years, I am currently the Adult Outreach Manager. Outreach is the work
that does not take place on Library property and includes the delivery of
library materials to the homes of customers and programs at adult residential

I was raised in Clermont County (OH) and graduated from Amelia High School. I grew up sandwiched between two brothers, one seven years older (John) and one seven years younger (Brent), so yes, there was a time when we were ages 7, 14 and 21. Mom was a school bus driver, and Dad was a letter carrier. Both of my parents performed many hours of volunteer work and taught us to give back to our communities.

One fond childhood memory was during the blizzards of ’77 – ’78. My family and I would venture over to Florence Mall as soon as the snow emergencies were lifted. We were absolutely bamboozled by the fact that Florence had a mall that was two stories high! Other places that I have lived include Cincinnati and a brief stay in Cleveland.
During my childhood, the UHF antenna on our 9” black and white TV (dubbed “the kids’ TV”) opened up a whole new world to me. I spent many afternoons watching Channel 19, WXIX. It took me a LONG time before I realized that XIX was 19 in Roman numerals! Does anyone remember Hattie the Witch, alias Batty Hattie from Cincinnati? I enjoyed the Cool Ghoul, too, and was so pleased to meet Dick Von Hoene at a BCPL
program shortly before his death.

Another childhood passion was reading. My dad took me to the local library on Thursday afternoons. And during the summers, I bought boxes of books from a local Goodwill store where they let me pack a box for just $1.00!

My teen years were comprised of homework, 4-H and serving on the Clermont County Junior Fair Board. I spent a lot of time listening to oldies music, too, and was relieved when old rock became more mainstream and entire radio stations were devoted to it. I wanted to go away to college, but not THAT FAR away! I enrolled at Xavier University and moved into the dorms. After graduating from Xavier with a BA in English, I worked full time while earning a Master’s in Education from Xavier and finally a Master’s in Library Science from University of Kentucky.

I worked in a bookstore while in college before being hired by my college library during my senior year. Upon graduating, I was fortunate enough to start a full-time career at McDonald Library-Xavier University. It was a great place to be for an English major! Much later, I thought that I would continue to be an academic reference librarian until retirement. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that my husband and I were building a home in Boone County, I decided to apply at BCPL. Academic
librarianship and public librarianship are more different than I ever imagined, but I am very happy to have made the change.

Now residing in Boone County, I have two dogs (Daisy and Duke, rescued littermates who are part Chihuahua, part Chinese crested), and one husband (Barry, a chemist, married for 30 years). At one point, my husband and I bred fancy goldfish and had 30+ aquariums and a 550-gallon water aging tank in our basement. In case you are wondering, yes, the house sounded like a giant Jacuzzi with all of those filters running! Since water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, this hobby necessitated double rebar in the
basement of our house when we were building. During construction, I took Mom and my brother John to look at the house. John looked long and hard at the water aging tank and said, “I would have thought that they’d have sewers over here [in Kentucky] by now.” I once flew with 12 Bristol shubunkin from London to CVG. It prompted a lot of laughter among airline employees in the two countries.

Other things that I like to do include making greeting cards, or more precisely, I like collecting pretty cardstock that I hope will one day become greeting cards. And I am addicted to thrift shopping! I started all of those years ago while buying the books at Goodwill. Let me know what you need, and I can give you places to shop at all price points. Barry and I love to travel. One of my favorite places to visit is Hawaii; I have been there 8 or 9 times. Paris for our twentieth wedding anniversary was amazing! I also enjoy visiting my college roommate who lives in England. One of the trips that I will never forget was a trip to Germany. The plane ticket was a gift from my college roommate, Diane and I had no time to prepare. I arrived in Germany knowing only the words for thank you and yes. Although it was nerve wracking, it was one of my most memorable experiences.  Everyone should be dropped into a country where they don’t know the language, especially people who serve the public.

My path brought me to BCPL, a place where I belong and a place where I want to be. Outreach has changed my life in ways that I never imagined. I now have so many friends in Boone County that it’s as if I grew up here. Boone County is home!