In the (not so) distant future post-apocalyptic land once known as Florence, KY, one structure looms above all: The Tower of Y’all. The radioactive mutants who chant at its base, calling out to the great “Y’all” to preserve them from the marauding influence of the Cabbage Night moon, know nothing of its true origins or intent. To discover that, let us go on a journey back to the year 1974. 

A water tower was built. Upon it were inscribed the words “Florence Mall.” This was due to its proximity to the Florence Mall, a shopping center that would be soon to follow. But therein lay the problem. The mall was not built. The road that would direct patronage to the mall had not been built. And yet the words emblazoned upon the tower read “Florence Mall.” Confusion and anarchy (could have possibly) reigned over the Tower. Only by changing its name by one letter, much like a fairy tale monster from the days of old, was disaster averted. 

It was not the first time this land faced imminent peril.

Prior to becoming part of the city of Florence, the location the Florence Mall was to be built upon was known as “Hopeful Heights.” Hope was not enough for the 500 residents of Hopeful Heights for, while the threat of being “gobbled up” by the city of Florence was very real, so too were their sewer problems. In time, their inability to decide if they should pay the cost for a treatment plant was to be their downfall. 

And the former land of Hopeful Heights fell beneath the shadow… of the Tower of Y’all. 

More to come as this story (that hasn’t been relevant in decades) continues.

Kevin Wadlow is 100% a real human being and definitely not a murder of crows wearing a person suit. He is an avid reader of horror, tabletop gamer, and drinker of coffee who enjoys drawing things of strangeness along the way. When the zombie apocalypse comes, he will probably be eaten first after saying something about how he fully expected to go out like this.

Are You Ready to Vote?

Like many aspects of our lives this year, voting will be different than in years past. As a library, we believe that it is important to provide you with the appropriate information to cast your ballot. Here we have compiled voting information which includes both state and local details. All of the information in this post has been obtained from both state and local government websites and are referenced several times throughout. Please refer to these sites for the most up-to-date information:

Voting Registration

The deadline to register to vote is Monday, October 5. There are 3 ways you can register:

  1. Online
  2. By Mail
  3. At the Boone County Clerk’s Office

To find out more about verifying your registration status or updating your registration, please visit the State Board of Elections Registration page.

Absentee Ballot Request

The deadline to apply online for an Absentee Ballot is October 9, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST. To request an Absentee Ballot, use the online portal. Ballots will be mailed out beginning mid-September. Please note: If you request an Absentee Ballot, you cannot come in person and vote early.

There are 2 ways to return your Absentee Ballot:

  1. Mail it Back
    • Your Ballot must be postmarked by November 3, 2020 and be received by the County Clerk’s office by November 6, 2020.
  2. Designated Secure Drop Boxes
    • You are able to return your Absentee Ballot by dropping it in one of the 4 secure ballot drop box. You are able to place your ballot in the drop box anytime during the normal business hours of the location. Please note: Ballots MUST be dropped off by 6:00p.m. on November 3, 2020.  Drop Box Locations are listed below:

Early Voting

Early voting will take place October 13 to November 2, 2020 at the Boone County Extension Enrichment Center. This is the same location in which the Primary Election was held.

Boone County Extension Enrichment Center
1824 Patrick Drive, Burlington, KY

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday
    9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday
    9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Parking is available in the lot next to Burger King.

Voting In-Person on Election Day

Tuesday, November 3
6 a.m. to  6 p.m.

The Boone County Clerk’s office has submitted a plan for 10 in-person locations on Election Day. The following locations have been submitted for consideration. Confirmation of locations and precinct information will be available at a later time. Please click on a location for address and directions:

We’re Here to Help!

If you need internet access or still feel unsure about navigating through some of these sites, stop by any of our Boone County Public Library locations for computer use, free Wi-Fi, and a little extra help if needed. There are a lot of changes this year, but local and state governments are doing everything they can to inform the public. Stay informed about this year’s ongoing election process and make sure you vote!


Kelsey Shackelford is the Community Events Liaison for Boone County Public Library.