Connect with Other Families Over Coffee and Cocoa at Chill 2020

Stop. Step back. Breathe.

Between work, school, family, and other activities, we often lose sight on what’s important in our lives. The stress can appear in ways that impact our own mental and emotional health, and eventually the overall well-being of our families. January is a time for new beginnings. Learn how to connect as a family in a meaningful way during Chill 2020, a three week series beginning Tuesday, January 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Main Library located at 1786 Burlington Pike. Please register here.

Each week, early literacy library staff will present a major topic for discussion. Each topic will have a number of supporting components. There may be a couple of books that support the topic, a rhyme or song, mindful movement, and family activities that encourage positive interactions. Each session also includes some time for children and adults to interact with each other and get to know people in their community. Throughout the program, you will receive resources that will reinforce the ideas and activities you receive during the month of January to continue on your family’s path of taking a step back from the chaos of life and intentionally practicing mindful activities.

The first week encourages connecting as a family unit. You will write out your family values and rules and display them in a creative way. You will also create weekly and daily routines and learn movements that encourage taking a few moments to process thoughts and manage stress in healthy ways. During week two, families will learn about ways to encourage positive behaviors. Look at family photos and discuss their relationship to positive family interactions. Learn methods that encourage children to make good decisions every day. The final week covers the uniqueness of your child and how to handle situations based on their personalities. The activity this week will allow families to create something that embraces their child’s individuality. Mindful movement for this week encourages seeing the positive side of seemingly negative traits and using colors to help express feelings.

We lead busy lives. Our children often have as many activities as we do and don’t always have a healthy way to communicate the stress they feel in their own lives. Make this January the time that your family becomes a mindful and meaningful family!

Chill 2020 (family program)
Tuesday, January 14, 21 & 28
Main Library, 6:30 p.m.
Reduce stress and improve focus while connecting with other families over coffee and cocoa. Practice mindfulness techniques and how to encourage positive behavior through stories and play. Each evening will end with a door prize! Registering for January 14, registers you for all three sessions.

Please register here.

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