Edge of the Seat Picks by BCPL Staff

Boone County Public Library staff members share their favorite Suspense/Thriller novels. Suspense/Thriller novels are fast-pace stories with plot twists and often involve pursuit and escape. The novels force the reader to use their imagination while feeling anxious.  If you like to read on the edge of your seat, try one of the recommendations from BCPL staff.  Click on the book titles to see the books in our catalog.

Youth Services Associate Cayla Robinson recommends one of her favorite thriller novels, Marisha Pessl’s Night Film . It is about an investigative journalist named McGrath who has fallen out of favor due to his relentless investigation of a horror filmmaker named Cordova who hasn’t entered the public light in over 30 years. Cordova’s daughter turns up dead which reinvigorates McGrath to continue his investigation and finally expose Cordova for the evil man that he is. Cayla says this is the perfect thriller/horror/mystery novel that really gets you thinking. It is great to get you in the mood for Fall!


Youth Services Circulation Assistant Emily Woodruff recommends Jennifer McMahon’s The Winter People. Emily says, “This book is a beautifully written page turner. It’s a spooky tale that blends the story between the turn of the 20th century and the present day. West Hall, Vermont is a town where people go missing without explanation. This remote small town has its secrets and wants to keep it that way. Emily was eager to keep reading it to see what was going to happen!



Emily also recommends Caroline Kepnes’s You which is about a stalker and manipulator who meets his victim in a bookstore and learns all he needs to know about her through social media. The stalker will not let ANYTHING stand in his way. This eye opener to how exposed we are through social media is a new TV show premiering September 9 on Lifetime!




Early Literacy Specialist Ginger Stapp really likes Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train. It’s a psychological thriller with a lot of twists and turns and great characterization.  Ginger doesn’t want to give anything away, but found it compelling.  She listened to it through the Overdrive app and the narrator was wonderful. Ginger loved her English accent.



Page Supervisor/Public Service Associate Karen Helmle recommends Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s Shadow of the Wind.  Daniel, the son of a bookseller in 1945 Barcelona, is introduced to The Cemetery of Forgotten Books.  He must pick out one book and chooses The Shadow of the Wind by Julian Carax. After finishing the book, Daniel attempts to find other books by this author only to discover this may be the last book in existence by Carax. Someone else is also looking for the works of Carax, but destroying them as they are found.  Daniel begins a journey to find out who is destroying these books and why.





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