What we love about Fall!

It’s finally fall y’all! The weather is getting cooler, corn mazes are popping up, and pumpkins are everywhere you look. There’s a lot to love including festive food, falling leaves, Halloween, and so much more!  Every season has its fans, but fall seems to hold a particularly special place in the hearts of many. It’s safe to say fall has the market on “favorite overall season of the year.”  If you can’t think of enough reasons to love fall, here are several from our staff.

Lauren Bosshammer, Page at Scheben, loves anything related to apples: apple cider, apple butter, homemade apple sauce, and of course apple pie. Lauren “will take apple over pumpkin any day and twice on Sundays!” Lauren also loves a cooler weather activity – knitting! She loves to knit outside during fall because the weather is perfect for that!

Lia Sansoucy, Public Service Associate at Scheben, enjoys apple cider (and apple cider donuts!), boots, sweaters, the leaves changing color, cooler temperatures, and watching the New England Patriots play football! Her wedding anniversary is in October, along with her oldest child’s birthday.

Kevin Wadlow, Reference Librarian at Florence, enjoys watching horror movies. Although he watches them all year long, he is excited that it is “suddenly socially acceptable in the fall just in time for Halloween.” Kevin is particularly excited for The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs in October!

Liza Vance, Local History Associate, loves this time of year because “the weather is perfect, the leaves are beautiful, and there is always something to do. Our outside decorations grow every year and include a cemetery, grave digger, and witches. My husband and I try to make our costumes; 2 years ago we went as Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. We even dress up our dogs…when they let us! Fall is also special because that’s when my husband and I got married. We chose the Saturday after Thanksgiving so that we could enjoy our big day with friends and family.”

Lexie Kemp, Youth Services Associate at Scheben, likes to camp and rock climb at Red River Gorge.

Jennifer Cheek, Public Relations Specialist, travels to all the Pumpkin festivals for roasted almonds, hayrides and a good corn maze. She enjoys walking trails when the leaves have fallen, checking out the best craft shows of the year and buying way too many mums.  Although she prefers her flip flops, she loves a good pair of fall boots!

Suzanne Yowler, Circulation Assistant at Florence, enjoys walking through crunchy leaves and drinking hot chocolate, with especially fond memories of sipping on Maverick hot chocolate during the BLINK Festival.

Nadine Swinford, Circulation Assistant at Scheben, has trouble deciding why she loves fall. She loves the holidays, the colors, and all the traditions she has with loved ones, including going to the Renaissance Festival and trying to make caramel apples!

Hannah Acevedo, Page at Main, enjoys pumpkin and cinnamon treats, dark earthy sweaters, and an excuse to watch Tim Burton films.

Kairi Freudenberg, Videographer, likes fall specifically for the “feeling of October: the leaves have changed color but are still on the trees, there are spooky home decorations everywhere, and you aren’t burnt out on pumpkin spice and apple cider yet.”

Patti Ottino, Public Service Associate at Hebron, knows when fall is arriving because her teen is excited Kroger is selling caramel apples!

Caron Ward, Circulation Assistant at Main, sums up the way most of us feel about this time of year in her poem:                                                                                  October. The best of all months. A time to gather. The prettiest leaf, the gems on the sidewalk– another acorn, pinecones, buckeyes from the forest friends. The memory of leaves burning in your childhood.
It is a gathering-in — of family, of thoughts and memories
A time to reflect on another year gone– each year more precious than the last—and another year wiser. A time to anchor thoughts to paper, as so many have done for so long. My journal is my friend at the end of the pen. A time to build fires as our ancestor did. October is the last, lone morning cricket and coming in the door from a twilight walk, with the cold in your hair and the smell of frost on your coat.                                       
Fall is not an ending at all but a beginning– a becoming.

Fall is one of the best times of the year for outdoor beauty and unique activities. F. Scott Fitzgerald said it best in The Great Gatsby, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” The anticipation of a new season beginning is enough to make anyone appreciate autumn!

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