Go on an adventure with a book this month!

Each month we highlight a different genre in our collection of books. This month we are encouraging everyone to read an adventure novel. Adventure stories typically have fast-paced plots and the key elements are action and danger. These stories take the reader on difficult quests, exotic settings, voyages of discovery and other journeys. For those involved, there are usually life and death consequences.

The main character is customarily a larger-than-life hero or heroine who is in a treacherous or risky situation. There is usually a sense of urgency, so they must achieve their objectives or missions in a short period of time. Here are a few authors who write adventure novels; click on the author’s name to see their books in our catalog and put one hold.

Dale Brown
Michael Crichton
Clive Cussler
William Dietrich
Robert Ludlum
Edward Marston
Patrick O’Brian
Ridley Pearson
David Poyer
Douglas Preston
Matthew Reilly
James Rollins
Wilbur Smith

For a specific book suggestion, see the video below, or ask a librarian at any BCPL location. Happy reading!

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