July 2017 Update on New library Branch in Hebron

This is my third blog post about the future library location in Hebron.  My original post talked about the Lents Branch Relocation Project, giving you a ten year history of the project.  On September 8, 2016, I was excited to write about the architects that had been chosen, Brandstetter Carroll, Inc. in partnership with HBM Architects.   I have had several members of the community ask, “When will you start on the new library?”  While it does not look like much is happening, we have been very busy working on the Hebron Branch.

One of the first, and most fundamental, questions in any library construction project is what size the library should be to serve its community best.  The Kentucky Public Library Standards recommends square footage by Population.  Boone County Planning Commission has over 9,000 single and multi-family homes approved for future construction.  The estimated population growth  can be seen in the grid below.   In fact, by 2035, Boone County is expected to surpass Kenton County’s population and become the third largest county in Kentucky.

Year Total Population Estimate
2015 127,712
2020 139,018
2025 150,928
2030 163,722
2035 177,141
2040 191,093

Based on the above estimates, Kentucky Public Library Standards identify that we should anticipate an enhanced level of Library support to our community with a total of 26,000 square feet. Here is your first look at the new building in the architect’s rendering below.

With the square footage defined, the second question in any library construction project is how that space should be allocated.  Twenty-first century libraries are designed to not be boxes or warehouses that store books and computers, but rather a site that embodies pride in the education and culture of our great community.  Some features we anticipate in our future Hebron Branch are:

  • Library as community center: The Hebron Branch has been designed as a gathering space for Boone County.  The building will have a large meeting room with a stage that seats approximately 400 people.  This meeting room can be divided into 3 rooms for smaller programs and meetings.  The Branch will also have an activity room in the youth area, a conference room, and 5 study rooms scattered throughout the building.  The youth area has been designed with early childhood interactive areas to encourage literacy and a teen space to encourage collaboration.  The design of the building allows small group meetings, large programs, quiet research, and active children and teen areas.
  • Library that breathes and grows: The Hebron Branch has been designed to be flexible and adaptive so that it meets not only our needs today, but Boone County’s needs in the future.  Most of this building will have raised access flooring.  This allows us to easily add wiring, electricity, data, and any other new technology not thought of yet to the building as needed.  The raised floor and open design will also allow us to move the Library around as needs change.  We do not know what is coming next.  Libraries need spaces that can be adjusted every three to five years.
  • Library is light-filled: A curtain wall will allow visibility from outside and within.  This wall will feature energy-saving glass. Additional clerestory windows will draw natural light deeper into the building reducing the need for artificial light sources
  • Library is connected to the environment: In addition to the windows allowing a view of natural landscape, the library will have a patio that will encourage people to sit outdoors and enjoy the view of trees preserved from the original site.  An amphitheater that can be used for outdoor library programs as well as booked by the community like a meeting room will encourage use of the outdoor space.  A Story Walk will be installed to encourage families to get out and walk while enjoying wonderful children’s books and early literacy activities.  
  • Library contains new spaces: The Hebron Branch will have four new types of spaces for the community to use: a Retired Adult Area, a Makerspace, a drive-up window, and lockers to pick up holds 24/7.  The Makerspace has been designed as a hub for a variety of creative collaborations targeting people of all ages.  The equipment available in the Makerspace will rotate, becoming an incubator for new ideas fulfilling our mission statement of “Discover, Explore, Experience a lifetime of learning at Boone County Public Library.”  The Retired Adult area will house and display the large type collection.  The over-55 population in Boone County will double in size by 2030.  This space will be universally accessible, user-friendly, flexible to accommodate a variety of activities, and adaptable to facilitate future needs.  One of the most requested features for the Hebron Branch is a drive-up window.  Customers will be able to stay in their vehicles to pick up holds.
  • Library is energy efficient and minimizes long term operational costs: This location will also use geothermal heating and cooling to maintain indoor temperatures.  The building envelope has been designed to reduce thermal conductivity.  The open space within and the windows allow natural light into the building reducing energy costs.  In addition the building will use occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting technology to adjust indoor and outdoor lights as needed based on available sunlight.  

Once the building receives approval from the Boone County Planning Commission it will go out to bid.  After we break ground, the building should take about a year to complete.  As construction progresses we will post videos, pictures and information to our website and social media sites.

–Carrie Herrmann, Library Director

Carrie Herrmann has 30 years of experience in libraries, most of those in Northern Kentucky. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Masters in Library and Information Science.  Carrie Herrmann has worked for Boone County Public Library for seventeen years, the last two as the Library Director. 

She has served on the Executive Board for the SWON Libraries consortium, served as the editor for the Kentucky Public Library Association’s (KPLA) newsletter, IN-FO-CUS, and on the Continuing Education Committee for the national Public Library Association. Currently, Carrie is focused on a building project for Boone County Public Library.  

In answer to a comment on the blog, here is a drawing that shows the pitch of the roof for the new building.

69 thoughts on “July 2017 Update on New library Branch in Hebron

  1. Wow, this is a really cool plan, BCPL is doing a great job serving the community, kudos to management and the whole library staff!

  2. First of all we don’t need another library. It is not that much further to go the Copper Dome in Burlington. Rt237 is a mess. Getting back to the subdivisions after work is ridiculous and God forbid if you want to go back out and wait for 20 minutes to get to 275. Now with the added traffic on Litton Lane it makes drivfing in Hebron a real headache. Planning & Zoning messed this up bad

  3. Hi Terry: We are working with the Kentucky Department of Transportation on the traffic issue.

  4. Thank you, Michael. We think you will be very happy with the new building. Be sure to come to the Grand Opening next fall!

  5. Hi Terry: There have been two comments from you, this one and the one about the traffic issue. I responded and told you we are working with the Kentucky Department of transportation on it. Was there another comment that we have not received?

  6. Becky You say you are working with the Kentucky Dept. of Transportation what exactly does that mean? Why don’t you or some representative from the Library meet me at Northpointe Subdivision at 7 am and explain to me why it takes 20 minutes to get to 275. It is going to get worse around Christmas with Amazon and when the library opens is not going to help. So I am asking what is going to be done about Rt 237 from Northpointe Subdivision to the new library?

  7. I would like to respectfully disagree with Terry. This library is badly needed. As a homeowner, taxpayer, and parent of two children in Boone county schools who lives north of I-275 in one of the subdivisions adjacent to 237, the location of the main library branch is anything but convenient. The traffic he complains about on 237 that will make his sojourn to the new library less convenient than going to the main branch is an issue for my family every time we drive to the main branch.

    The prospect of having a library that is safely accessible by bicycle to the thousands of children who live in our communities north of the interstate is extremely appealing and a good use of our taxpayer dollars. The new features that are highlighted will make our community a more attractive destination for families who will move to the area to fill the jobs in our growing county.

  8. Hi Terry:

    Our director, architects and facilities manager have all had meetings with the Kentucky Dept. of Transportation. They are aware of the traffic issues and are developing solutions.

  9. Hi Paul: We are getting ready to send the job out to bid. We’ll know more about the groundbreaking after we’ve selected the company for the job. Grand opening should be a year from the groundbreaking.

  10. Hi Kevin: We are very excited about the new library and are glad to hear you are, too. We know this library will be well used by the families and children in Hebron as well as folks throughout the county who choose to attend events in the meeting rooms and amphitheater. We know there will be lots of walkers and we are putting in bike racks and skateboard racks because we believe there will be a lot of young people visiting the library who choose those forms of transportation. As soon as work is underway, we’ll begin posting pictures and video on our website. Stay tuned!

  11. Hi Terry:

    I found a few articles that might answer some of your questions:



    Also, posted on the Boone County site in late July is a pdf of Boone County Road Projects and the status. The graves Road Interchange is #21 in this document. http://www.boonecountyky.org/document_center/PlanningCommission/FutureRoadProjects.pdf

  12. We don’t need another library in this county. There are enough already. The county will jack the taxes up again to pay for this and then again to pay for all the county employees they will hire which will be friends or family members of those in power.
    That’s what we need more government jobs for us to pay for.
    Traffic will also be worsened with the placement of this library.
    They had a library here in Hebron and closed it. I don’t think they were getting enough customers.
    Also with technology in every home it is not necessary.
    It definitely nothing personal against anyone, just my observation.

  13. Looks like a lot of thought and research went into this plan, and it sounds wonderful! We love the 24/7 Holds Lockers and the MakerSpace idea and hope it is as good as Cincinnati’s (3D printer, VHS/cassette tape to digital/DVD conversion, slide/image scanner, laser/cutter engraver…Yeah!!) Perhaps there’ll be room for a permanent book sale room rather than periodic book sales? (Yes, some of us still prefer books to Kindles.)

  14. Kevin
    I would like to ask you a few questions. You mention about driving to the main library..my question is how many times a week to you make this trip and why do you go to the library? I have a Kindle that I use to read books and most all the other information I can get from my computer. I’m just wondering what is in the library that attracts you & your family.

    You also state that the new library would now be safely accessible to thousands of children on the north side of 275. I haven’t seen 50 bikers use the bike path since it has opened. “Safely accessible” I question that terminology of the bike path on 237. I have seen one biker that wrecked his bike because he stated a car forced off the path. Also how many of those thousand of children who you say will bike to the library will there be in January or February when it is below freezing and there is snow on the ground?

  15. Becky

    Your email says “Our director, architects and facilities manager have all had meetings with the Kentucky Dept. of Transportation. They are aware of the traffic issues and are developing solutions.” What this tells me is that you didn’t take the traffic issue into account when you decided to build the library at the 237 site. Having meetings is not going to help us being stuck in track on 237. And meeting with the KY Dept of Transportation…that makes us sick. We have met with them numerous times over the years. They say they are aware every time we talk to them. Of course these are the same people who have closed the two Erlanger exits for no apparent reason to enter 75 south that have caused long delays on eastbound & westbound 275. Needless to say there are a lot of people who don’t trust the KY Dept of Transportation. Also I have already seen the articles that you linked.

  16. Terry, thanks for your thoughtful and very reasonable questions. It is very nice to be able to have a civilized discussion about the merits of a plan rather than the shouting and finger-pointing that is all too common these days.

    My family and I visit the library for a variety of reasons, though less now than at the Lents branch because of the distance involved. My younger daughter has Girl Scout meetings there, and all four members of my family prefer to read paper books rather than electronic ones; I feel that we have too much screen time already in modern society and do well to have downtime from that. My wife is a small business owner and would take advantage of the community rooms to host Hebron Business Association meetings there and it would be a good focal point for our growing community.

    Though I agree that the bike trails are underutilized at present I have certainly seen them used more frequently than you describe. The children (legally) ride on the sidewalk, safer from traffic. I bicycle for exercise but to cross the interstate on a bicycle is more hazardous than I would like for myself, let alone my children. I would much appreciate the ability to go to the library without needing to take a car. Of course in the winter I expect the biking point to be moot-obviously we have to be practical. Regardless, I see the library as an asset to the community from an educational perspective as well as from a property-value one. With many more houses and additional schools likely to be built north of the interstate our younger population will only grow.

  17. We do need a library in the Hebron area, but the design just does not go with the area. It looks like a retro design back to the 1970’s. Hope we don’t have the plastic seated chairs and all white interiors. Also, with the almost flat roof all you will have with this is leaks. Really, a poor design.

  18. Hi Ron: Thank you for your interest in the Hebron Branch. You couldn’t see the pitch of the roof in the drawings I posted on the blog. Be assured, the roof is not flat, it is tapered toward the roof drains with the applicable slope as recommended by the appropriate architectural and engineering standards. I don’t have the option to add a picture of the roof slope to this reply, but I’ll add one to the end of the blog – look for it there.

    I don’t think the renderings of the new building really do it justice. In designing the building, the architect took inspiration from the region. Looking specifically at the limestone, the bourbon industry (the wood barrels) and the natural wood of the site. You will see these influences on the exterior of the library. We asked him to provide windows that would allow us to take advantage of natural light inside the building and afford a view from the outside of the activity inside the library, so the back side of the library is primarily weatherproof glass. I bet you’ll really like the design when you see the actual building.

  19. As a high school student, I myself am looking forward to this new library. I use the Main Branch quite often for school purposes and just for fun, so having a library five minutes from my house is going to be even more beneficial and enjoyable in my opinion. The design looks fabulous, and I can’t wait to visit it when completed!

  20. Thanks for your support, Nathan. You might be interested in the Maker Space we are putting in the new building. Stay tuned for more information on it as it unfolds!

  21. Looking FORWARD to having local access to a physical library up here in Hebron !! SOOOO excited !! My husband & I attended one of the planning sessions and got a peak into all the wonderful planning and preparation! We APPRECIATE our library staff and the community !!

    Can’t WAIT !

  22. Curious, How much acreage is owned by the library there? 50+acres? How much is the library going to develop on? I cannot imagine it is the entire acreage. Is there a plan for the additional land? I live in Hebron and am excited about the library, I consider it a very needed. Thank you!

  23. There will be a MakerSpace in the new building? That’s super exciting as my son takes full advantage of MakerSpace in Burlington. Will it be similar to Cincinnati – with 3D printing and workspaces? I personally am so excited for this to open – nothing more enjoyable to me than sitting at the library with a book and a drink while my kiddos study or research or attend club meetings.

  24. I am very much looking forward to having the Branch in Hebron. I know we will use the library so much more once it is so close and accessible. While the main branch is very nice, it is just out of the way sometimes to get there and back. I have young children who love to go to the library. They will love the kids areas I am sure!
    As an active member of the community and a local business owner, I am also looking forward to having meeting spaces available for use as well. The plans look amazing and I can’t wait to see it once completed.

  25. My first impression of the renderings is that it looks like any of the newer school buildings. I like the architecture of the newest library in Burlington and would love to see something like that….a more jnteresting facade.

  26. There will be a road going through the property, so after deducting it from the acreage there is just over 47 acres. The library, with parking lot outdoor amphitheater and landscaping, will be built on 12 acres. We plan to complete the building project first and then look at development plans for the remaining acreage.

  27. I can understand how a lot of people think and feel about this project. First, it would be nice not to have to drive down to the main branch to check out a book or DVD for a family movie night. However, I don’t think that we need everything that Boone County Library seems to think we need. The amphitheater will only be used in warm dry months, so that is a waste of money. Why does the building need geothermal HVAC system, a regular system will work just fine at half the cost. I also don’t think that the special glass windows are worth the cost either.

    All the money that would be going into all of these extra upgrades should actually go towards DVD’s, CD’s, books, and other needed materials.
    As for the traffic concerns in the area, we already have them. There is a plan for an enormous amount of homes to be built within three different communities. So the traffic increase is due to the population increase in the area. The only time there would be increased library traffic would be from a special event. I know that I don’t go to the library more than once a week. For those that live close by, walking midday in nice weather would cut down some traffic. My main concern would be getting in and out of the parking lot during the traffic time. With one lane each direction and no traffic lights, unless someone decides to be courteous it will not be easy.
    So a small to modest scale library, like the main branch will be better. Also adding an additional lane, at least southbound will help.

  28. Hello Tracy,

    Thank you for your comments about the new Library.

    Amphitheater: Before it was added to the project and even before the project went out to bid we looked very closely at whether or not an amphitheater should be added to the Library. The amphitheater is not only for Library programs like concerts and plays, but also for community groups to use. There are a lot of community theater groups in Boone County that are looking for spaces to perform. This will help fill a community need. We looked at the cost to add this to the building and decided it was needed. The amphitheater will be very basic, it’s a concrete slab at one end of the building with a porch overhang. There are no seats, it’s all lawn seating, so bring a blanket or lawn chair with you to events!

    Geothermal HVAC System: When I wrote the blog post we did plan to have this in the building. After additional analysis, we have changed HVAC systems.
    Windows: The windows are designed to allow the library to harvest natural light and to cut down on long term operational costs of the building. Harvesting natural light will cut down on the utility costs. The windows were placed on the side of the building that would maximize this cost savings.

    Needed Materials: One of the things you say is that, “All the money that would be going into all of these extra upgrades should actually go towards DVD’s, CD’s, books, and other needed materials.” The Library has two funds–a capital projects fund and a operating fund. There are very specific rules for what each fund can be used for. The money used for building the Hebron Branch comes from the capital projects fund and cannot be used for building the collection. Money for collections comes from the operating budget. Is there a material you are not finding at the library? We are always looking for suggestions.

    Traffic: I know that traffic is a concern in the Hebron area. Currently the Kentucky Department of Transportation (KDOT) has people entering or leaving the Library property in the traffic circle. Our entrance/exit will be behind the TANK Park and Ride. Our hope is to extend the driveway to have a second entrance/exit at another location. This cannot happen currently as KDOT is working on some other projects in the area. The Library cannot add lanes to KY237. I recommend you connect with KDOT to make that request.

    Size of building: The Hebron Branch is designed at 26,000 square feet. This will make the building our third largest location behind Main (75,000 square feet) and Scheben (35,000) square feet.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for taking time to comment.

  29. I see construction equipment up at the far end of the Park and Ride – I am hoping that is to start the excavating and grading?

  30. Yes! The construction company moved their equipment to the site last week and they are getting ready to begin the project. We are all very excited! We will plan to video the progress once everything gets underway.

  31. Becky,

    Thanks for providing all the information!. My daughter (a middle school student) was very excited to see the dirt moving equipment!

  32. Can older people work at the new Hebron Library? Very excited for new opportunities right here in Hebron! What will the hours be?

  33. Hi Rebecca: Boone County Public Library hires without regard to political affiliation, disability, race, color, age, national origin, citizenship, gender or religion. You can keep an eye out for job openings on our website: https://www.bcpl.org/about/jobs/ We aren’t sure yet when we will begin hiring. We are hoping to open the new location in January or February 2019. We haven’t yet determined what the hours of the new building will be, but they will be similar to those of the Scheben Branch and Main Library.

  34. Hi Donna: Here’s the response from Library Director, Carrie Herrmann:

    “We plan to complete the Library and make sure we have the land we need to operate now and in the future. Once we feel confident, we will turn our attention to the rest of the property. The Library does plan to keep the “Land Use Study” in mind as we look at what to do with the additional acreage. Before we move forward with any plans for the land, I want to touch base with the community at that time to make sure that the plan is still what the community wants. That plan is currently 7 years old.”

  35. We will be hiring some new staff and will probably begin the hiring process in February or March.

  36. We will open late Spring. We don’t have a date yet. We’ll have a better idea next month.

  37. There will be a story walk around the perimeter of the library and parking lot – basically a walking trail with different pages of a story along the way. As for more walking trails, still to be determined. Our Board is waiting until the building is complete before deciding what to do with the remaining land.

  38. Hi Becky,
    I think you are doing a wonderful job keeping us updated and fielding negative comments that are so undeserved. The design is beautiful and I think the more libraries in the world, the better! I am so sorry if you have answered this already, but will the Hebron branch have Sunday hours and will beverages be available for purchase? Thank you for your time.

  39. Thanks for the kind words, Kellie. The Hebron Branch will have Sunday hours and be open 1-6 p.m. They will also be open Mon-Thurs 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Fri 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. and Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m. And yes, beverages will be available in a vending machine. We are making plans now for an early July opening. Thanks for your interest in the Hebron Branch. Hope to see you there! –Becky

  40. HI Becky What all will be at the Hebron Branch and When in July 2019 will the library be opened and how can I get a job up there to stock shelves I am 18 years old and I graduate High school May 2019.

  41. Hi Carson: We’ve already hired several people for the new branch. Keep an eye on our website: https://www.bcpl.org/about/jobs/ for more job openings as they are posted. We hope to open the branch early in July. We will have a Maker’s space, called the Boone Innovation Lab and it will have things like 3D pens, a large format printer, 3D printer, green screen and photography equipment and much, much more. We will publish a blog post on the Boone Innovation Lab when we get closer to opening the building.

  42. thank you Becky and will the library have the same hours as all the others and what will the new branch be called. and will they have the same staff as the Lents branch like Vicki, and Susan I know them really well and they are so nice. And I heard from someone at the main branch that the new branch will have a drive up window where you can pick up your holds I was wondering if it was true. what is a Boone Innovation Lab.

  43. Hi Carson: The Hebron Branch will have several familiar faces from our Library system, but Vicki and Susan now work at the Main Library and they plan to stay here. Yes, the Hebron Branch has a drive-up window and the Boone Innovation Lab is a maker’s space with things like a 3D printer, photography equipment, a sewing machine and much, much more. The hours for the Hebron Branch will be:

    Mon – Thurs: 9 a.m. -8 p.m.
    Friday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    Saturday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    Sunday: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

  44. I am really looking forward to the HEBRON BRANCH opening because I live in Cardinal Cove which is right across the street for me. and what’s going to happen to the old Lents Branch on 3215 Cougar Path, Hebron, KY 41048. and what happend to Susan Judy at thew main Branch she was so really nice. and who is the circulation manger at the Hebron Branch so I can show them the book I am writing.

  45. Hi Carson:

    We sold the Lents Branch building. It hasn’t been announced yet who bought it. Sue Judy retired and her replacement is Melissa. We are glad you are excited about the Hebron Branch, we are too! –Becky

  46. when will we get a chance to see the inside of the new Hebron branch, I miss the drone fly through’s I am disable and I would like to see where the shevies are set up, so I can learn my way around.

  47. Hi Mark: We’ve been posting the drone footage on Facebook every few weeks. I just asked our webmaster to put the latest footage on our website. It’s on the homepage, just scroll down. http://www.bcpl.org

  48. I have heard the Hebron branch will open in July, is there a set date yet? I am really looking forward to the opening. Will you have CD’s at this location?

  49. Will the new library have unscratched movies also because at main some of there’s are scratched and I can’t even watch them. And Can I visit the new library on July 29, 2019. And will they have a lot more Christian books and more books about Elvis Presley. And why are the hours so different from the other branches.

  50. Hi Carson: The Hebron Branch will open with new movies, but of course there will be wear and tear on them as there is on all DVDs that have been checked out multiple times. Whenever you come across one that is scratched, please take it to the front desk. They will send it to our Collection Services Department to either be fixed or replaced. Yes, please visit the Hebron Branch on July 29! We will open at 10 a.m. that day after a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony. All of our locations will have new hours as of July 1. The Hebron Branch’s hours will be the same as the Scheben and Florence Branches. If you are at least 18 years old and a Boone County resident, we can borrow additional christian fiction and books on Elvis Presley for you through our Inter-Library Loan Department. Go to https://kyb.relais-host.com/user/login.html?group=patron&LS=KYB&PL=ENG and enter your library card number where it says Patron Barcode. Fill out the form with you request and we’ll contact you when your books arrive. If you’d like to talk to our InterLibrary Loan Department directly about the types of books you want, you can reach them at 859-342-2665, extension 8118.

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