May 20th Update from Library Director Carrie Herrmann

At Governor Beshear’s press conference on May 19, we learned that the earliest date libraries would be able to open is June 8.

This is very exciting news! However, we want to be transparent about what this means. Before we can open, we will have to meet specific guidelines set by the Governor’s office. At this time we do not know what limits will be placed on libraries. When the guidelines are available, they will be posted on the Healthy at Work website.  We do know that it will not be business as usual. There will be new procedures and service limitations. Some may be short term, some may last longer, and some may be permanent.

We see thousands of people from the community at our locations. Libraries are designed to invite people in to stay a while, whether that means browsing the collection, reading a magazine or newspaper, using a computer, attending a program, or playing in the children’s area.  It is common for many people to touch one item in the Library every day. Reopening in the midst of COVID-19 is not easy.  All processes and uses must be analyzed and thought through to make sure that your Library is safe for you and the staff.

Please be patient with us as we wait for the guidelines and work through the information. This will be a slow process. As soon as we have more information and an opening date we will share it with you through our website and social media channels.

We hope to see you soon!


Carrie Herrmann is the Library Director at Boone County Public Library

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