Meet London Fashion Designer Hilary Floyd

Well-known London fashion designer Hilary Floyd will be at the Scheben Branch, 8899 US 42, in Union, on Saturday, May 18 at 1 p.m. to showcase clothing that she designed under her label Hilary Floyd of London. After the show get an insider’s peek into the fashion world and learn about Hilary’s fascinating career.

From a young age Hilary Floyd has had a love for fashion and tailored her education to further this passion. She was one of twelve people out of 140 applicants to be accepted into the Royal College of Art to pursue a degree in fashion design. A scholarship awarded by the Royal Society of Arts led to a fellowship and the opportunity to work at the fashion house Dior in Paris.

Hilary began her career in London, England during the exciting fashion-forward era of the 1960s. PVC (polymerizing vinyl chloride) clothing was hugely popular during this time, but no one had yet used printed vinyl in the fabrication of clothing. Hilary was ahead of her time when she began printing on vinyl to be used for this purpose. A raincoat she designed using the newly printed vinyl was an instant hit and quickly launched her career in the fashion industry.

Following the success of her raincoat, Hilary ventured in a new direction and began printing her designs on fabrics to use for women’s clothing. As her business expanded she set-up a small showroom and studio on Great Marlborough Street in London, England. Well-known for the creation of women’s separates, Hilary Floyd was ahead of the curve with many fashion industry trends. This was best exemplified when early on she incorporated crochet and beading into her designs. Her clothes have been featured on the pages of Cosmopolitan, Vogue and numerous other fashion magazines. At the London fashion show her work caught the eye of Princess Diana who went on to wear several of Hilary’s dresses.

Hilary moved to the United States after she and her husband took the opportunity to buy his family’s farm in Ohio. After relocating to the United States, Ms. Floyd pursued her interest in painting with oils. Through this new medium she enjoyed painting still lives and portraits. And, while painting provided a creative outlet, she once again decided to return to her original passion, fashion. She opened a small studio in Hyde Park where she brought custom design and high end fashion to the women of Cincinnati. Although she does not have a studio anymore, she does continue to work in design, but on a smaller scale.

Learn more about Hilary, before you meet her, by listening to an interview with her on our Podcast, Innovators & Creators.

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