Native Reflections: Visual Art by American Indians of Kentucky

Boone County Public Library – Main Library has been selected as one of several venues across Kentucky to host the Kentucky Arts Council’s traveling exhibit, Native Reflections: Visual Art by American Indians of Kentucky through September 10. This exhibit is brought to you by the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission, the Kentucky Arts Council, and the Kentucky Heritage Council.

The exhibit features 23 works by 12 Kentuckians who identify as American Indians of either enrolled tribal membership or unenrolled, but native inspired individuals. The submitted work was adjudicated by a panel of American Indian artists and members of the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission for inclusion in the traveling exhibit.

Following is a list of artists whose work will appear in Native Reflections, listed by name, county, tribal affiliation, work title and medium:

“White Top Woman” by Darlene Campbell

  • Darlene Campbell, Adair, Native Inspired (New River Band of Catawba), “White Top Woman” and “Fields of August,” oil on canvas
  • Jacquelyn Carruthers, McCracken, Native Inspired (Choctaw and Cherokee), “Apache Warrior” and “Arapaho Indian Woman,” oil and acrylic
  • Cher Devereaux, Scott, Native Inspired (Cherokee), “Has Eyes That See” and “Wild Pony,” acrylic
  • Lawson Glasergreen, Daviess, Native Inspired (Cherokee), “Cherokee Circle of Life 1 & 2,” colored pencil and paper on canvas; and oil, acrylic and paper on canvas
  • Eugene King, Powell, Native Inspired (Cherokee), “Plains Chief” and “Indian Warrior,” wood
  • Fred Nez-Keams, Anderson, Enrolled Member (Navajo), “Yellowknife Navajo Flute 1 & 2,” wood
  • Jannette Parent, Caldwell, Native Inspired (Cherokee), “Anidohi (Messenger” and “Utsonati (It Rattles,” acrylic
  • Linda Pierce, Christian, Native Inspired (Chilluckittequaw and Cherokee), “Beauty in the Overflow” and “Past & Present Thoughts on ‘The Trail’,” acrylic
  • Tiffany Pyette, Letcher, Native Inspired (Cherokee), “Ama Alisdeligi (Water Protector)” and “Ulisi (Grandmother),” oil pastel; and oil pastel and acrylic
  • Carrie Rogers, Woodford, Native Inspired (Shawnee), “Untitled” and “Ancestral,” acrylic on canvas; and acrylic on gourd
  • Ryland Stalder, Jefferson, Native Inspired (Lakota), “Untitled,” washboard and cloth
  • Brigit Truex, Fayette, Enrolled Member (Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi [Vermont]), “Dawnland” and “Circle Sisters,” acrylic

Boone County Public Library – Main Library is located at 1786 Burlington Pike in Burlington.  The exhibit can be viewed during open hours, Monday-Friday 10 am- 6 pm and Saturday 1-5 pm.

A slideshow of work in Native Reflections is available online at the arts council website,

The Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency, fosters environments for Kentuckians to value, participate in and benefit from the arts. Kentucky Arts Council funding is provided by the Kentucky General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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