Spirits distilled by ghosts? Watch our latest video podcast!

Tune in to our latest video podcast where host Shawn Fry and Producer Greg Shurts team up to explore the creative process through interviews with some of the area’s most interesting people. In our November podcast we talk to Josh Quinn and Sara Barnes from the Boone County Distilling Company. We learn about the inspiration behind the founding of the company and find out why they say their bourbon is “made by ghosts.” We also get a tour of the distillery and rickhouse.  Josh and Sara discuss the bourbon heritage of Boone County and show how the Boone County Distilling Company bottles their spirits today.

Our host, Shawn Fry, is Assistant Director at Boone County Public Library. He has over twelve years of public library experience and enjoys the opportunity to share interviews with interesting people through his podcasts. When he isn’t asking questions, he has the best intention of trying to finish reading a book, enjoys playing drums and is an avid fan of not playing fantasy football.

Our producer, Greg Shurts, is the videographer at Boone County Public Library.  He has a background producing radio shows for 700 WLW and loves creating content.  When he’s not making videos or podcasts he loves attending Cincinnati sporting events.

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