Would you like to be on a Library poster? #CheckOutBCPL

Would you like to be on a #CheckOutBCPL poster? There is so much more to check out at the Library than just books, and we want to create posters of how people #CheckOutBCPL.

Check out something new at BCPL and tell us about it! Have you found a new hobby or tried something different? Have you been to a concert or downloaded music? Have you had lunch at the Battaglia Deli or shopped at the Book Cellar? Have you attended the homeschool activities or used a research tool?

Once you have checked out something at BCPL, click here and fill out the form for a chance to be on a poster. The deadline is January 31, 2020.

Pictures will be taken by a BCPL photographer at the BCPL branch of your choice. You must be willing to allow your name and picture to appear on the #CheckOutBCPL poster.

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