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Firsthand Story from WWII - Meet Gordon Yoshikawa

Where: Main Library
When: May 17 at 7:00 p.m.

After Executive Order 9066 more than 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent (80,000 of whom were natural born citizens) were sent to remote internment camps in the U.S. First, Gordon and his family were sent to the internment camp at Tule Lake, CA, and then two years later was transferred to Topaz, UT.

In May 1945 Gordon and his family resettled in Cincinnati where he attended college and worked as a chemist for 37 years. See more information about Mr. Yoshikawa's visit on our blog.

Gordon Yoshikawa

Madcap Puppets Present: Monsters of Baseball

Monsters of Baseball

Image (c) Madcap Puppets

Where: Main Library
When: May 5 at 7:00 p.m.

The sign at the ball park says "No Monsters Allowed!", but that doesn't stop Roscoe from sneaking a little monster named Gus into a baseball game. It seems they're not alone as more monsters begin slipping into the ball park to join the fun. Giant puppets bring the history and tradition of baseball alive through songs, stories, and poems. There's room for everyone, including the audience, to celebrate America's favorite past time.

Concert at the Library: Wayside Winds - Under the Dome

Where: Main Library
When: May 7 at 2:00 p.m.

Dedicated to performing the canon of woodwind quintet music, they also spice up each performance with something new and different. This concert will include the music of Debussy, Barber, Nielsen, and more.

Wayside Winds

Image (c) Wayside Winds

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction: Mystery and Mayhem

Mystery and Mayhem

Where: Boone County Public Library
When: Month of May

Stop by the Library during the month of May and our very own book detectives - a.k.a. Librarians - can help you find just the right thing to satisfy your inner crime scene investigator. Or, if you prefer to remain incognito, browse the True Crime Display at any BCPL location!

For more information about Mystery and Mayhem fun and events, please check our blog post.

Lents Branch Relocation Project

For more information regarding the Lents Branch relocation project in Hebron, take a look at our blog post and our FAQ.

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