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Trick or Treat at the Library!

Witch's Feet

Where: All BCPL Locations
When: October 31 from 6 to 8 p.m.

All library locations will be open for Trick-or-Treating on Monday, Oct. 31 from 6-8 p.m. If you prefer to Trick or Treat in your neighborhood, use us as your back-up plan if it rains. If you prefer a one-stop indoor location in a safe, well-lit, weather-controlled environment, we’re here for you, too. Parents, it's up to you to bring the candy and the kids! We'll have tables set up where you can hand out candy.

Please note: The Library will hand out bookmarks and pencils. Parents must bring the candy.

Drop Your Drawers @ the Library

Pay Fines with Underwear

Where: Boone County Public Library
When: From November 1 to December 31

Donate packages of new underwear for boys and girls (preferably in sizes 4 to 16), and, for each pair you donate, the Library will waive $1 in current overdue fines. Donations may not be used to waive replacement fees for lost or damaged items or for collection agency fees.

For more details about the program please check page 5 of the November issue of Discover BCPL.

Native American Heritage Celebration

Where: Main Library
When: November 5 from 1 to 3 p.m.

Experience Native American singing, drumming, and dancing with the Southern Singers Drum Group in Meeting Room ABC. This group is led by drum keeper, Mark Banks, and was led by his father, Jesse, before him.

In the Children's Activity Room, staff will lead children in creating shake drums and pinch pots, a traditional form of clay sculpting.

On the first floor, Battaglia Deli and Cafe will offer special Native American dishes while, under the dome, Brian Miller will sing, play the flute, and share stories. Brian's heritage is Quawpaw and Cherokee, but he was adopted into the Olgala Lakota nation. He is a sacred fire chief for his tribe and a traditional pow-wow dancer.

In addition, explore a tipi exhibit by Traveling Tipi Village on the library's lawn, and watch a flint knapping demonstration by the Anthropology Department of NKU.

Brian Miller
Image (c) Brian Miller

Concert at the Library: Rusty Bird


Where: Main Library
When: November 11 at 7 p.m.

Rusty Bird has played over 40 years and focuses on praise and worship music. In honor of Veteran's Day, he'll also play some patriotic tunes.

Lents Branch Relocation Project

For more information regarding the Lents Branch relocation project in Hebron, take a look at our blog post and our FAQ.

Tips for Newcomers

Are you new to Boone County? Do you feel that you aren’t meeting people? Would like to get more involved in the community? Need to choose a school or just somewhere nice for dinner? Check our blog post for newcomers. You'll be pointed in the right direction!

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