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Holocaust Survivor: Zahava Rendler

Graphic: Zahava Rendler
Image (c) Zahava Rendler

Where: Main Library
When: April 4 and April 16 at 6:30 PM

Meet Zahava Rendler!

We've scheduled her for two speaking dates to give as many people as possible an opportunity to hear her story.

We are hiring!

Please check our Jobs Page for all current openings!.

If you have interest please send a resume and letter of interest to If you know anyone who may have interest, please let him/her know.

Open Mic Night

Where: Main Library
When: June 10 at 6:30 PM

Open Mic Night for ages 14 and up will be held Monday, June 10 at the Main Library. The prize for the top 3 winners is a joint performance (date and time to be determined) at the Main Library! Applications for consideration are due by 9 a.m., Monday April 15.

Graphic: Microphone
Image (cc) Zzubnik

Hebron Branch Building Project

Panoramic Photo

For more information about the project check our blog post and Frequently Asked Questions.

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