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Science in Play2GO

Where: Scheben Branch
When: From December 9, 2017 to March 4, 2018

FREE hands-on exhibit designed by Kentucky Science Center specifically for ages 8 and under. Download the Teachers Packet today and plan a group visit for this exhibit.

A whole new way to see play! Science in Play2GO makes science personal, fun, participatory, and relevant - empowering kids and adults to learn together, for life, and all through the power of PLAY!

  • Build Your World
  • Build Your Own Rollercoaster
  • Light Bright
  • Ball Fall
  • Shapes and Stuff Store
  • Science Depot

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Extreme Deep: Mission to the Abyss

Sponsored by Duke Energy

Where: Main Library
When: From October 1 to January 7

Join us as we explore newly discovered life-forms, thermal vents, shipwrecks, and close-up views from deep-sea research submersibles. Extreme Deep introduces us to the critical role that biology, chemistry, geology, history, exploration, and technology play in understanding our world and its future.

This 4,000 sq-ft exhibit is recommended for ages nine and up. It includes three interactive elements, standing exhibits, and multiple video stations.

Teacher packets are available, and, as always, we welcome class visits. Contact Micha O'Connor at 342-2665 x8142 to schedule a visit.


Kinderballet Presents: The Nutcracker

Where: Main Library
When: December 17 at 2 p.m.

For the whole family!

Delight in the music, dance, and costumes of this timeless story.

The Nutcracker

Image (cc) Petr Kratochvil

Tales Mail

Where: Boone County Public Library
When: During the Holiday season

Wish Tales a happy holiday! Tell him about how you celebrate or what you like to do this time of year. Tales loves to hear from his library friends!

Stop by your YS desk and ask how.

Tales Mail

Lents Branch Relocation Project

For more information regarding the branch relocation project in Hebron, check our blog post and FAQ.

We will provide more aerial footage and pictures during the construction process, so check back often!

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