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Speed up your quilting in our Boone Innovation Lab at the Hebron Branch. The HQ (Handi Quilter) Simply Sixteen Longarm Quilting Machine, paired with the HQ Little Foot Frame™ system, offers smooth stitching and can be easily used by quilters of all skill levels!

You’ll find your next favorite tool - the Sawgrass SG-500 sublimation printer - in both the Main and Hebron locations of the BIL. With the sublimation printer and our heat press, you are able to transfer detailed and colorful images on a variety of i

In our Boone Innovation Labs at the Main Library in Burlington and the Hebron Branch, you can bring your ideas to life with our 3D printers! 3D printers melt plastic filament, and then layer by layer builds an item from a computer file.

Start your next sewing project in our Boone Innovation Lab at the Hebron Branch. Our Brother Sewing Machine offers a wide range of features and is the perfect tool if you're in need of a quick stitch!